Gravity Casting

Capability for gravity die castings from a few grams up to 30Kg in numerous different alloys. The markets we serve in this area are Filtration Pressure vessels and housings, Rail, Off-Highway, Automotive, Marine, Street Architecture, Oil industry and Motorsport applications. Our experienced team have the capability of making casting with one or numerous sand cores and core assemblies.


The tooling ranges from simple stand alone dies to large purpose build tools on custom rigs or unit dies to fit onto hydraulic tilt pour machines. Typical large tooling can weigh over a tonne.

Production runs range from 50off for large parts up to thousands a month for larger automotive contracts we undertake.

Many aluminum alloys are used with predominately LM25, A356 and LM6 taking the lions share of production tonnage, but we do undertake work in zinc alloys too for the oil and gas industries. Although core bake is undertaken in-house we use a TS accredited outside specialist in Heat Treatment 2000 for all our treatment processes from T6 through to TF and TE.

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