Our Company

With over 25 years experience in specialist gravity and pressure die casting, WCL has established itself as niche market provider of low/medium volume permanent mould Aluminium and Zinc castings with high engineering integrity.

Certified to ISO 9001 with the ability to produce castings from a few grams up to 35 Kgs. Using an array of high pressure machines from 20 to 600 tonnes, locking force and traditional gravity methods including tilt and pour machines.

Walker Diecasting is an ISO accredited company supplying to a diverse range of industries from automotive, rail and defence through to architectural and domestic industries.


  • Gravity Casting
  • High Pressure Diecasting
  • Sand Casting
  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Special Finishing (including polishing, zinc and chrome plating)
  • Tool Design

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